Hello! I am Dr. Anissa Villegas with Millennial Marketing AZ. I have a passion for helping businesses identify and strategically elevate their brand to help them attract and retain customers. My passion, experience and education permits me to deliver solid strategies based on proven consumer theories and data. I am a research nerd and proud of it!  I have a Doctorate in Business Administration with Emphasis in Marketing. My published dissertation was trailblazing research on the Influences of Gamification on Millennial Consumers. I also publish several empirical articles on Millennial’s consumer behaviors, strategy-driven marketing and game-based marketing. I love sharing my wisdom with clients and scholars. I am a content expert with local universities on a wide range of marketing topics as well as serving on research committees to add to the body of knowledge on marketing research. In fact, I modernized and created a hybrid of Uses and Gratifications theory of the 1960’s and the Bartle taxonomy of player types of the 1990’s in order to identify theoretical essentials of Branding, Lead Generation and Retention of the digital natives. I call it, “The Millennial Realization Consumer Theory”.   

The researcher in me prides myself on respecting data and empirical findings to develop sound strategies. I often use my Millennial Realization Consumer Theory to identify why consumers gravitate towards a brand, product or service in order to best develop a marketing strategy that will generate leads, support the company’s image, while stimulating consumer retention and referral efforts.

On a personal note, I live in Arizona and I am married to my high school sweetheart (so cute, right!). We have two kiddos; Magenta and Jett. We also have a four-legged kid, a Dutch shepherd that should respond to the name “Juno.” My family consists of video game fanatics. Hence, my research on video-game based elements and player types. More about me:

Favorite movie: Pretty much any zombie movie. But I am not an apocalypse prepper. Mainly because I know I wouldn’t survive the first week because I am a germ freak.

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones!  “That’s what I do: I drink and I know things.” — Tyrion

Favorite magical or mythological animal: Pixiu. During a family trip to China, we were introduced to Pixius; they are influential and auspicious creatures for wealth. They are also referred to as “money dragons.”

Favorite color: It’s a tie between magenta and jet-black (my kids names).