Giving Back

Giving Back

We all need a little help along the way. Everyone here at Millennial Marketing AZ and AZ Event Connect remembers and appreciates the people that have made it possible to be where we are today. We are thankful and blessed to be able to give back. Whether it’s pro bono marketing, presentations, training, a website on a limited budget, or just some free advice over a cup of tea, we strongly believe in supporting our community.

Plus, we also believe that nonprofit work is good for the heart, soul and our community. So please, give us a call. We’re here to help.


We are proud to say our team members are former AmeriCorps members, nonprofit volunteers and board members. Being active in our community is not a duty, it is our greatest privilege.

AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil society program supported by the U.S. federal government, foundations, corporations, and other donors engaging adults in public service work with a goal of “helping others and meeting critical needs in the community.



Phoenix Foley Alliance |

Phoenix Foley Alliance is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit established by former Phoenix students of James Foley, the first American journalist killed by ISIS in 2014. Phoenix Foley Alliance’s mission is to preserve the legacy of James Foley by providing financial assistance to those of economically disadvantaged backgrounds.